How does life aboard The World differ from extended cruise ship living?

Cruise ship living is the dream of many travelers. However, the ultimate life of luxurious seafaring exploration is known only to a few: the Residents who own private homes aboard The World.

Sailing on a commercial cruise liner on a trip that lasts weeks or even months can be exciting. Surrounded by thousands of fellow passengers, eating in the onboard restaurants, and enjoying a nice cabin while stopping at perhaps dozens of destinations is essentially just like a typical week-long cruise, but extended. This experience has an understandable appeal for some travelers, and many cruise lines offer programs that allow extended stays for customers who want to experience the ultimate in cruise ship living for the duration of long itineraries.

Although a casual outside observer might mistake The World for a commercial cruise liner or think that our Residents live on a cruise ship, The World is something else entirely. It is the largest privately owned residential yacht on Earth. It may resemble a luxury cruise ship from the exterior, but that is where the similarity ends.

The World is composed of 165 private Residences. The Residents who own these homes are a community of adventurers from over 20 different countries, and together they collectively own the entire Ship. They begin and end each day aboard surrounded by the personal style and uncompromising comfort of their unique Residences, enjoying curated enrichment experiences and bespoke service both ashore and shipside. Approximately 100-200 Residents & Guests are typically aboard at any given time, so the atmosphere is much more intimate and uncrowded than any cruise ship. This serves to keep The World feeling like the private home and friendly community that it is, rather than any mere commercial cruise ship promising a “residential” experience.

Aboard The World are several extraordinary restaurants, spa and fitness facilities, and cultural learning and enrichment programs unrivaled in the commercial cruising world. Every Resident has a voice in determining the itineraries of upcoming years, and each annual Journey includes landings in approximately 100 destinations, with an average of 3 days in each port to fully explore and enjoy it. Cruise ship living sounds nice, but life as a Resident owner of The World is unlike anything else on Earth or at sea.

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