Can individuals live on cruise ships 365 days a year?

For many travelers, the idea of sailing year-round on a cruise ship seems like a wonderful way to live, but there are few who are actually able to live on cruise ships. Many traditional cruise lines offer extended itineraries lasting weeks or even months, including options to rent accommodations in an upscale cabin. Some cruise lines even offer “around the world” opportunities that can last anywhere from 100 to 275 days. By selecting an extended itinerary or booking multiple consecutive trips, travelers may be able to cruise for an entire year, but it would be a stretch to say they live on cruise ships.

For those serious is pursuing a true home at sea, there is one unique lifestyle option in existence. The World is the only Ship of its kind, and the largest residential yacht on Earth. Members of a unique, international community of adventurers each own one of the luxurious private Residences on board, and they enjoy an endless adventure unlike anything else at sea.

The World sails every ocean and visits each continent on a continuous journey based on an itinerary guided by the choices of its Residents. On board and ashore at each of approximately 100 landings each year, Residents & Guests enjoy unique, curated experiences of exploration, cultural enrichment, and relaxation.

Residents constantly invest in maintaining and improving every aspect of The World’s shared spaces, as well as their private homes on boar, so every two years The World enters a month of dry-dock, during which extensive renovations and visionary redesigns elevate the restaurants, lounges, and other facilities of the Ship beyond even our own unsurpassed standards. This is the only time that the Ship breaks from its endless circumnavigating of the globe.

While there are some Residents who choose to live on the Ship year-round, the majority spend three to four months on board – joining the Ship wherever and whenever they choose. The average occupancy at one time is approximately 150 to 200 Residents. There are many who may desire to live on cruise ships, but only The World allows a lucky few to truly experience life at sea in a private home.

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