Are there many options for cruise ships to live on?

Many travelers find the prospect of living on cruise ships exciting, but in reality there aren’t actually a great number of cruise ships to live on. Many commercial cruise lines will offer extended stays or around the world voyages, and there is the option to book consecutive trips for elongated trips – but none of these are the same as owning a home aboard a ship.

The World is truly a one-of-a-kind lifestyle experience that allows a small community of global travelers to fully own private homes aboard the only yacht of its kind, as it circumnavigates the globe on a continuous journey. Residents can live onboard year-round, if they choose, but many spend an average of three to four months on board.

Launched in 2002, The World is the largest private residential yacht on Earth. Traveling aboard is not a matter of buying a ticket or reserving a room. The 165 luxury Residences on board the Ship are each privately owned, and only Residents and their Guests make the Journey. The diverse group of Residents from 20 countries comprise the onboard community, which is more like a neighborhood than a resort or vacation. Throughout the long, unhurried voyage across every Ocean and landings on each continent, they share interests in world cultures, history, and exploring fascinating destinations on this incomparable itinerary of their own choosing.

Curated experiences onboard and ashore await Residents & Guests each day, and they often enjoy exclusive access to places and people that most luxury travelers never see. Unique Expeditions guided by preeminent experts take The World’s bravest spirits on weeks-long adventures across some of the most remote and pristine wilderness on the planet and places that no cruise ship will ever visit.

There may not be an abundance of cruise ships to live on, but for those truly passionate about embarking on the ultimate life at sea, there is The World – the only Ship of its kind.

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