Cochin, India

Cochin Laundry and the Iconic Chinese Fishing Nets

On our last day in Cochin we had a guide and went for a tour of the old city. It’s really a charming area of old shops, quaint streets, the Mattancherry Palace and the Paradesi Synagogue, the oldest in India dating from the 16th century.

The old pepper exchange building. Pepper has always been an important commodity in India.

One of the highlights of the old city was the laundry. We had seen the laundry in Mumbai and it’s one of the great attractions of that city. The laundry in Cochin isn’t nearly as elaborate, but in many ways it’s equally fun. In Mumbai, you see the outdoor laundry and all the vats with the people working from viewing areas above. In Cochin, you can walk around where the people are working and spend time talking to them. It’s a much more intimate experience and very interesting.

We finished our Cochin tour with a visit to the iconic Chinese fishing nets. These are large triangular shaped nets that are lowered into the water and then raised up with the catch of fish. They make a very scenic and picturesque view.

Chinese fishing nets

We had a great time during our 3 days in Cochin. Then, it was on to Mangalore and Goa.

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