Cochin, India

Celebrating the Flavors of Cochin

The first Indian port on our visit was Cochin. Cochin is interesting because it was an important trading city and you can see influences from Asia, Europe and the Middle East here.
One highlight of our time in Cochin was a cooking class we took. We went with the chef to the local market to see where she buys the ingredients for the southern Indian cuisine. We then went back to her house where she runs a cooking school for a cooking demonstration. Southern Indian cooking uses a lot of seafood and fish and tends to be somewhat less spicy than Northern cooking. It also uses a lot of coconut. We liked it a lot. I doubt I’ll make any of the dishes, but the class was a lot of fun.

Indians love snack food!
Fresh fruits and vegetables at the local market.
Still the preferred method for moving goods
Why Indian food is spicy!
Our cooking teacher

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