Bears and Eagles at Anan Creek

As might be expected, there were lots of photo ops and many pictures taken – too many for one installment. After hiking for about 35 minutes we reached the platform. We were encouraged to sign up for the “photo blind” ASAP. This is a covered area down near the water where the viewing is even better. Five people at a time could spend 15 minutes there. Our sign up gave us 45 minutes on the top platform to watch the bears, the waterfalls, and the eagles.

On the hunt at creek’s edge

Looking down Anan Creek

Got one! The ranger told us the bears eat mainly the eggs and brains then leave the rest for eagles and other scavengers

We had a lot of fun watching this fellow – he must have been a youngster and hadn’t gotten the hang of fishing yet. He spent about 20 minutes batting at the water with his paws. He finally caught one.

This bear was right under the platform on which we were standing


A salmon hanging out of the bear’s mouth

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