Arctic Adventures: Greenland & Baffin Bay Expedition

Recently, The World reached ice, returning to Greenland and the Canadian Arctic, revisiting locations that were highlights of past expeditions and exploring exciting new areas even farther north. It was certainly dramatic to wake up to find our Ship navigating through fields of small icebergs stretching all across Jones Sound, which separates Devon and Ellesmere Islands.

Many Residents & Guests got up early to watch and photograph our transit through a series of ice fields, separated by stretches of open water. The vantage point of Deck 12 provided a perfect place from which to observe and photograph the amazing iceberg shapes and the intense blue of their underwater platforms.

In the afternoon, a full set of hikes, plus kayaking, were on the schedule. The kayakers enjoyed a memorable paddle around the numerous islands and small icebergs in the bay.


The Long Hikers set off on a vigorous outing over beautiful tundra ridges, highlighted by the discovery of several musk ox skeletons and the skull of a reindeer with an impressive rack of antlers.


The photographers, of course, found plenty of rewarding subjects for their macro lenses in the intricate tundra and lichens, and for their wide-angle lenses in the expansive vistas of rocks, icebergs, ocean, and even polar bears!

After everyone was gathered back aboard, The World sailed to the mouth of the fiord and the village of Siorapaluk – the northernmost year-round settlement in Greenland. Here we had an unforgettable afternoon exploring and experiencing a warm welcome from the inhabitants. Two families hosted “kaffemik” – a warm-hearted Greenlandic traditional open house with coffee, tea, and delicious homemade treats.

We also witnessed traditional drumming and singing, and a demonstration of hunting techniques for seal, walrus, and narwhal, a rare privilege.

We had a delightful day at Robertson Fiord in North Greenland. The country has been home to people for over 4,500 years, and the Paleo Inuit’s ingenious inventions and resilience have taught us a lot about survival in the polar regions. In the afternoon we ventured out in Zodiacs to the Verhoeff glacier. It was marvelous to behold as we enjoyed champagne and hot cider out on the water, taking in an incredibly scenic ride.

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