Stockholm, Sweden

A sunny summer walk through Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is probably my favorite Scandinavian city. It’s particularly great on a sunny summer day.  There’s a lot of great architecture and parks and water views everywhere.

We anchored right in the middle of town.
Stockholm is a beautiful city built around water.

The first day we were there I took a long walk by myself. I probably walked 7 or 8 miles just enjoying the views and the weather. I walked through the old town, the royal palace, over to an island with the modern art museum, and up into part of Östermalm.

Museum Architecture.
Town square architecture.
Church architecture.
Town hall architecture.
Royal Palace architecture.

I stopped at the Östermalm Saluhall, a giant food hall with high end food stalls and restaurants, and had a great lunch at Lisa Elmquist. The salmon was great and the fresh new potatoes were some of the best I’ve ever had.

We found the food halls.
Inside the food was great.

On the second day we walked through the old town and then headed over the small bridge toward Södermalm and kept walking until the tourists were behind us. We found a path that took us through a cute area of tiny summer cottages, each surrounded by amazing gardens. We walked on along the water, through a big park filled with locals enjoying the sunny day.

We walked around Södermalm with its gardens and blooming flowers.

We then looped back toward the harbor where we saw lots of boats and watercraft of every type around the city, including an old style sailing ship preparing to go out with sailors climbing in the rigging to set the sails.

We saw a fully functional old sail ship…
…they were getting ready to leave.

We had a great visit and it was nice to get out and just walk around. We left Stockholm in the evening and navigated out through the archipelago of little islands surrounding the city during the long sunset.

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