A Beautiful Conclusion to 2023 Through the Chilean Fjords

We made our way south from Puerto Chacabuco to Ushuaia spending four days cruising the Chilean Fjords.

With long sunsets…

The scenery was spectacular. The fjords aren’t as steep as the ones in Norway and not as desolate as the ones in Northern Canada.

…and amazing views.
We sailed up to the Amalia glacier…

There is still vegetation, and the slopes are gentle enough for me to want to stop and do some hiking, but the snowcapped mountains rising above are amazing and the innumerable waterfalls and many glaciers are interesting to explore.

…and got close enough to see pieces calving off.
The mountains got more spectacular as we went south.
Waterfall at the Italian glacier.

In some places the glaciers actually directly border forest which is not something you see as you get into the far north or far south, and we even spotted a few whales!

…with ice bordering right on the rainforest…

Other than enjoying the scenery, we had a wonderful several days onboard catching up with friends and relaxing.

The ship got ready for the holidays as we sailed along.


Photography courtesy of Mike F.

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