Have a conversation with a Residential Advisor


Have a conversation with a Residential Advisor

To fully understand what you can experience as a Resident aboard The World, we recommend speaking with one of our Residential Advisors, who can walk you through life onboard and help you determine if The World is the right fit for you.

A Residential Advisor can also tell you details about upcoming destinations and expeditions, our extensive Enrichment Program, and the exclusive access The World has to private tours all around the globe.

Because our potential Residents and Guests come from diverse locations and backgrounds, we have knowledgeable Ambassadors all around the globe who can help educate you about life onboard. To begin that conversation, simply fill out the form below and indicate the best time for an Advisor to contact you. Or, if you'd like to call us directly, dial +1 (954) 538-8449.

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