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There is nothing quite like relaxing while at sea. The World  makes it easy to slip away, even in between destinations. Immerse yourself in a spa treatment or enjoy a day of beauty at The World Spa. Want to sleep beneath the stars? Our coveted Bali Beds allow you to do exactly that, in the most exotic destinations on the planet. Meditate in the relaxation room. Or have a moment of reflection in Harmony, The World’s  non-denominational house of worship. No matter how you seek respite, you will find it aboard The World.

And for those looking to expand upon their Health & Wellness regimen, The World’s  onboard Wellness team is available to go over your particular goals and craft the ideal fitness and nutrition program to help you reach them. They work closely with the Food & Beverage team so that whatever meals you require to succeed are not only available to you, but custom created by The World’s  master chefs. This ensures that your Health & Wellness journey is one that is both achievable and enjoyable.

The World Spa

Nourish the mind, body, and soul. Onboard experts will craft the perfect combination of wellness, fitness, and beauty to address your specific needs. A complete range of quality beauty products is also available to enrich your personal wellness journey.

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