The World’s  Enrichment Program is unlike any other, a perfectly woven tapestry of educational, cultural, and culinary discovery. Multiple departments aboard The World  work together so that Residents & Guests can delve deeper into the history, culture, traditions, and events of destinations before they even disembark. Live music, wine tastings, and local cultural experts both onboard and off round out the travel experience.

The World’s  Enrichment Program is full of small, intimate, personalized experiences that help Residents and Guests experience each port as if they were locals. Often these experiences include internationally acclaimed experts and performers.


The World Nobel Laureate Lecture Series

In 2017, The World  launched The World Nobel Laureate Lecture Series. The series offers The World’s  Residents the opportunity to personally connect with and learn from internationally-renowned Nobel Prize Laureates who are leaders in their respective fields of medicine, economics and science. The inaugural lecture was with 2014 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Dr. Shuji Nakamura, who spoke on board about inventing the blue LED (light-emitting diode). Other lecturers have include Dr. Edvard Ingjald Moser, who shared the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine with May-Britt Moser and John O’Keefe “for their discoveries of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain.”


Guest Musicians

Enjoy the sounds of local musical acts – both traditional and contemporary – who are invited to perform onboard just for Residents & Guests. The World  also brings aboard professional pianists and ensembles for listening and dancing, who rotate to different areas throughout the Ship.


Lecture Program

The World’s  Lecture Program goes well beyond what you’ll find in any luxury living or travel program. In each port of call, experts of all professions come aboard to educate Residents & Guests and engage them in lively discussion about everything from local religion to indigenous peoples and endemic wildlife. Port Lecturers focus on places of interest and neighborhoods to explore, while Enrichment Lecturers bring the journey alive by providing deeper cultural understanding of the destination’s heritage, history, arts & culture, political economy, and more. Lectures may include learning how to navigate the stars from a traditional Cook Island Master Navigator, or discussing Zen Buddhism with a local priest when the Ship docks in Tokyo.


Onboard Cultural Performances

There are certain cultural highlights that you may not get to see or experience when traveling off the Ship, therefore The World  brings these experiences on board for you to enjoy. Recent examples include a traditional New Zealand Haka performance, a Samurai Sword Dance in Japan, traditional folk dancing in Okinawa, and internationally renowned ballet soloists performing Tchaikovsky’s “Sleeping Beauty” aboard the Ship.


Lecture-Hosted Outings

Local and regional experts often join the Ship to discuss local culture, heritage and politics, then take a small group of Residents & Guests to explore the area. These are often behind-the-scenes tours of neighborhoods and experiences that are not typically enjoyed by even the most seasoned travelers. In Melbourne, Australia, a street art expert led Residents & Guests on a guided walk through the city’s famous street art displays, introducing the group to the internationally acclaimed artists along the way.



Experts and artists from around the globe are brought on board to lead workshops in areas of study including photography, painting, writing, and acting. These workshops are led by leaders in their crafts, such as members of the Royal Academy of the Arts. As an example, a film critic might join the Ship to present a series of plays adapted for the screen, followed by acting classes related to the plays discussed.


Informal Opportunities

In addition to planned lectures, performances, and outings, there are a number of informal enrichment opportunities that arise for Residents & Guests. In fact, these are often the most treasured experiences, since they are unexpected. For example, sometimes the head Chef will take a small group to shop in the local markets and give a lesson on selecting fish, meats, and produce in the particular destination being explored. Residents can even request new themes and discussion topics to add to the program.

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