2016 Journey

Start off 2016 with an Expedition amidst the magnificence of Antarctica. Then journey up the east coast of South America, with an extensive visit to the beaches and cities of Brazil beginning with a festive start in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival season. Soak up the Caribbean sun before making the transatlantic crossing to the Canary Islands and Casablanca. The World will spend the spring and summer months in 16 European countries – exploring everything from the wine chateaux of France to the castles of Denmark to the glorious cliffs of the Mediterranean. The World will then pass through the Suez Canal and on to destinations in the Middle East, India, Maldives, and Malaysia before another exciting Expedition in Borneo, home of the one of the world’s oldest rainforests. Then, end 2016 exploring Western Australia, and celebrate in one of the most beloved spots to ring in the New Year – Sydney.