The World Announces Mr. Benny Dembitzer As Its Next Nobel Laureate Speaker

London, England – October 2022: The World, Residences at Sea (, the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth, is honoured to announce that Mr. Benny Dembitzer is the latest speaker to join its esteemed Nobel Laureate Lecture Series. A British economist who has specialized in the economics and challenges of developing countries, particularly of sub-Saharan Africa, Mr. Dembitzer was a member of the team that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985. The World will host Mr. Dembitzer during the Ship’s forthcoming visit to Italy in autumn 2022.

During his time on board, Mr. Dembitzer will lecture on, ‘How the West Lost Africa’, a complex topic that will discuss Chinese influence on the region over the past three decades and the reaction of the West to this phenomenon. A second lecture, ‘Malawi; A View from the Other Side of the Telescope’ will focus on the sociology, economics, geography, history, politics, and challenges of Malawi. Informal and interactive, the lectures will provide an opportunity for the Residents community to personally engage with Mr. Dembitzer whose achievements will also be celebrated at a private dinner during his time onboard.


About The World’s Nobel Laureate Lecture Series

The World’s Nobel Laureate Lecture Series was launched in September 2017 to bring esteemed Nobel Prize Laureates to the Ship annually to lecture on topics in their respective fields such as medicine, economics and science. Among previous program speakers are Dr. Shuji Nakamura who received the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing the blue LED (light-emitting diode), Dr. Brian Kobilka who was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry (shared with Robert Lefkowitz),  Dr. Edvard Moser, a 2014 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine who lectured on the brain’s maps of space and most recently Mr. Lech Wałęsa, the former president of Poland who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983.

offers Residents the opportunity to personally connect with and learn from internationally renowned Nobel Prize Laureates. The series complements the Ship’s longstanding onboard lecture program which enriches Residents’ intellectual exploration at the highest academic levels, an aspect of the unique lifestyle cherished by the Residents. Residents have often commented that living on The World is like getting an advanced degree while traveling the globe to more than 100 ports of call annually. Special guests speak on a variety of topics such as history, culture and business that are designed to “bring the journey and destination alive”.


About Mr. Benny Dembitzer

Currently a Senior Research Associate at the China Centre of University College, London, Mr. Dembitzer has over 50 years’ experience in social and economic development in various multilateral organizations, including the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Oxfam, the International Trade Centre, and UNICEF.

As a former student of the famous Indian economist Amartya Sen, winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize for economics, Mr. Dembitzer has worked in 35 different African and two Asian countries. He has been a director of the War on Want charity and a chairman of the International Voluntary Service (now called Skillshare Africa). His efforts began the Fairtrade movement and fought against apartheid in South Africa. His European directorship for the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War contributed to the IPPNW winning the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize. He started Grassroots Africa in 2010 and has been involved with small-scale agricultural projects in Malawi ever since.

Mr. Dembitzer is the author of four books: “Marketing Handicraft from Developing Countries: A Guidebook for Producers” (1984), “The Attack on World Poverty” (2009), “Sleepwalking into Global Famine” (2013), and “The Famine Next Door” (2019).


About The World

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