A Home Unlike Any Other 

Discover an international community of global adventurers, each sharing a sense of wanderlust and a thirst for knowledge aboard The World – the largest private residential yacht on the planet. This video explores the curated experiences, rare adventures, and enriching lifestyle shared by those who are lucky enough to call The World Home.

Life Aboard The World

Resident owners of The World originate from 19 different countries. Each has a voice in charting the itinerary of this amazing Ship, across every sea, ocean, and continent. At every landing, they indulge a hunger for rare, exotic experiences. Gain a deeper understanding of life aboard The World, directly through the eyes and words of the Residents who makeup this unique community.

Rare Expeditions: A World of Wonder

Outfitted with a team of leading industry experts, The World’s Expeditions provide an enriching experience that is unparalleled – both onboard and off. Residents & Guests explore some of the most fascinating destinations on earth, often participating in local customs, witnessing wildlife up close, and embarking on record-breaking adventures. Expeditions occur one to three times per year. Take a look at some of the amazing footage captured on these unique Journeys.