2020 Journey

A year of discovery, a life of adventure

Begin 2020 on the colorful streets of Hong Kong before embarking on an extraordinary jungle Expedition in the islands of West Papua, Indonesia. Spend February and March circumnavigating Australia, including a second, thrilling expedition to the Kimberley Islands, before setting sail for Southeast Asia as April unfolds. After immersing in the fascinating cultures of Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka, the Journey continues through the Red Sea and on to the Middle East. The sparkling Mediterranean beckons in June, where the summer days will be spent roaming the breathtaking cities and islands that dot the sea. Then set sail to Northern Europe, Russia, and the United Kingdom before crossing the Atlantic to spend fall on North America’s eastern coast. Enjoy everything from the charm of Montreal to the heat of Miami before turning towards the Panama Canal and onward to the Pacific. Round out the rest of the season exploring the magic and mysticism of Peru, Chile, and Argentina. Finally, arrive in Antarctica for a third rare and exciting Expedition just in time for New Year’s Eve to celebrate like few have ever done before.