Northern Europe

Oslo, Norway Antwerp, Belgium Geirangerfjord, Norway Gothenburg, Sweden Skagen, Denmark Szczecin, Poland Reykjavik, Iceland

Fording the Baltic, and Beyond

Forging northward in the last days of June, the Ship will explore capital cities and rarely visited villages along Europe’s Atlantic and Baltic coasts. There will be extended landings and unique experiences on sea and land throughout this northern European adventure.

Residents will sample the handiwork of Belgian brewers and chocolatiers in Antwerp, and perhaps also indulge in a visit the famous Diamond District. At landings in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, explorers will discover hospitality, history, and some of Europe’s most beloved cultural sites. In late July, admire the classical architecture and sweeping mountainsides in Poland before The World sails into Scandinavian splendor, tracing the scenic shores and delving into the towering fjords of Norway. Then the adventure continues into the ruggedly stunning coasts of the Faroe Islands and Iceland before preparing for over 20 days of incredible expeditions throughout Greenland, and Ellesmere and Baffin Islands in Canada.

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