Northeast Passage Expedition & North Pacific

Vancouver BC, Canada Anchorage, Alaska Monterey, California Portage Glacier, Alaska San Francisco, California, USA Northeast Passage

High Adventure in the Far North

The first Expedition of The World’s 2023 Journey will be the Northeast Passage. For nearly all of August, the Ship will traverse 4,000 nautical miles across the northern Eurasian coast, sailing the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific Oceans. Led by a team of the foremost experts in the geography, cultures, and wildlife of this cold, beautiful region, the Expedition will explore the pristine environments and stark splendor from Norway to Franz Josef Land and the New Siberian Islands, across the Bering Sea and to Alaska.

After nearly two weeks delving into the beauty of Alaska’s fjords, glaciers, inland mountains, and coastal towns, the Ship will sail southward throughout September along the Pacific Coast of Canada and the U.S.A. As The World continues southward to Victoria and Vancouver in British Columbia and Seattle, Washington, Residents will take in the beauty of coastal cliffs, majestic redwood forests, and warm, welcoming port cities and towns. The final weeks of this Northern Pacific adventure include extended landings and unique, curated experiences in the great cities and glorious beaches of the California Coast.

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