Pacific North America

San Diego, California Honolulu, Hawaii Maui, Hawaii Oahu, Hawaii

Pacific North America:
The Journey Begins

Setting out from California, The World’s 2022 Journey begins with three days on the coast of sunny San Diego, where Residents will enjoy the winding coastal cliffs, amazing local music scene, and the gorgeous sunsets from an abundance of beautiful beaches. The following week will be spent at sea, with ample time for relaxing and planning for the Journey to come.

The World then winds its way through the otherworldly beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. At extended landings at Lahaina and Honolulu, the sea and land alike teem with vibrant life, from the steaming volcanos and the colors of foliage, towns, and even the rainbow sands of the beaches. Residents will enjoy multiple days to immerse themselves in the culture and scenery of each port before the Ship bids the Aloha state farewell and sails westward.

The Ultimate Address: THE WORLD®

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