Press Kit

Enjoy the Ultimate Golf Experience with The World

The unique opportunity to play golf almost everywhere on the planet is characterized by the impressive number of world-renowned courses that are visited by The World on its one-of-a-kind global journey. It’s a golf lover’s dream and the ultimate golf experience.

The World Spa & Wellness Center

When it comes to the mind, body and soul, each person has unique needs. Crafting the perfect combination of wellness, fitness, and beauty takes time and attention to detail. At The World Spa & Wellness Center a team of experts guides Residents on their long-term journey of health and well-being.

The World Lives A ‘Green’ Way of Life as One of the Most Environmentally Conscious Vessels at Sea

Recognizing the importance of being environmentally conscious and operating with an eye to reducing its carbon footprint, The World, the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth, is a Ship of many ‘green’ firsts.

The World was the first Ship of its size burning only clean marine diesel rather than heavy bunker fuel making for a much more environmentally friendly vessel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The World a cruise ship? 
The World is not a cruise ship. It is the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth. It might look like a cruise ship from the exterior, but that’s where the similarity ends.