2019 Journey

Begin 2019 on the stunning shores of South Africa before embarking on an exhilarating Expedition
in Madagascar, one of the most biodiverse islands on the planet. Residents & Guests will spend the
winter months exploring the beaches, lagoons, and reefs surrounding the islands of the Indian Ocean
and immersing themselves in the fascinating cultures of Sri Lanka, India, Oman, and Israel. Come
springtime, the sparkling Mediterranean will open its arms to The World, extending a warm welcome to
its winding, friendly cities and breathtaking islands. The Ship will then journey to the United Kingdom
and the Faroe Islands before heading north to the stark beauty of Iceland and Greenland, and
ultimately a second rare and exciting Expedition along the Northwest Passage. Then it’s time to spend
fall in the bustling cities, sacred temples, and peaceful gardens of East and Southeast Asia. The World
will arrive in Hong Kong just in time for the city’s glorious New Year’s Eve celebration.