Sr.2nd Engineer

Title Sr.2nd Engineer
Category Deck and Engine, Onboard
Job Information

Under the guidance of the 1st Engineer, the Sr. 2nd Engineer’s primary responsibility is the maintenance and repair of all systems and equipment onboard the vessel. Duties of the Sr. 2nd Engineer include, but are not limited to:

• Watch Keeping duties

• Maintenance and repair of o All Air compressors and receivers o Shaft bearings and seal systems

• Machinery automatic valves o Stabilizers and related hydraulic systems

• Maintenance of Watertight door, Shell doors, Marina gate and cargo hatches, including hydraulic equipment with provision elevators on Deck

• Other additional duties as assigned


• Must hold a valid lll/2 license

• Engineer qualifications and licenses in compliance with all International and National conventions and regulations

• Minimum of at least 2 years’ experience on passenger vessels as Engineer Officer in Charge of the Watch

• Minimum of Class 4 (Motor) Certificate of Competency, or recognized equivalent to STCW95

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