Title Captain
Category Deck and Engine, Onboard
Job Information

The Captain’s primary responsibility is to ensure the overall safety of The World’s Residents, Guests and Crew, as well as the safe operation of the vessel and protection of the environment. Serving as a member of the Senior Leadership Team, the Captain is the ultimate authority onboard and is responsible to ensure compliance of all international regulations and procedures.


  • Assures the smooth, efficient daily operation of the ship to provide Residents and guests with the environment for which the ship is renowned.
  • Understand, abide and implement all relevant documentation, regulations, guidelines and procedures and train staff on board for the observation of such policies and legislation while maintaining objective evidence of compliance with the above
  • Regularly communicate with the VP of Marine Operations regarding all business matters.
  • Complete walk-through inspections of the vessel.
  • Conduct Public Health inspections of all areas with the Management team
  • Implement new policies, standard operating procedures and Company initiatives as assigned.
  • In collaboration with the Staff Captain, ensure all disciplinary issues are documented
  • Ensure the Marine team is enforcing cost control procedures and monitoring waste and breakage and provides input in developing budgets, capital spending plans, fiscal controls, and operational guidelines.
  • Ensures that a positive and healthy working environment exists throughout the ship, one that is free of safety risks and all forms of employee harassment.
  • Ensure that the vessel’s watertight integrity is maintained at all times
  • Supervise the safe, efficient and economical running and maintenance of the ship. Verify presence of adequate stock of essential spares, stores, provisions and fuel on board.
  • Ensure that the security related duties of the officers and other personnel are carried out as laid down in the Ship Security Plan
  • Ensure that the ship’s certificates are valid at all times, and that all books, drawings and documents are updated and in order as per mandatory and company requirements. Relevant plans and certificates displayed as required
  • Is familiar with the Safety Management System and have a full understanding of his/her responsibilities in the Safety Organization as per the Emergency Plan
  • Ensures organization of the Safety Committee
  • Comply with all international regulations and procedures set up by the Company for safe navigation as detailed in the Company’s Bridge Procedures Manual (BPM)
  • Prepare ship-specific emergency preparedness plans with the assistance of the other members of the shipboard management
  • Report and record any undesired events, unsafe practices or near accidents observed to the Company, and attempt to rectify them if safely possible
  • Plan, execute and evaluate on board emergency drills and training along with the other members of the shipboard management. Maintain records of the same as required
  • Oversee the proper implementation of the Company’s policies and motivate his/her crew in the observation of such policies and legislations


  • Minimum of 5 years of experience as Master or 10 years as Staff Captain of passenger vessel
  • Minimum Post-secondary degree from a recognized Maritime Academy
  • Satisfy all STCW Code, requirements for training and certification as Master of Vessels of 3,000 GT or more as specified in Section A-11/2 of the STCW Code (as amended 2010)
  • Experience with luxury or high end passenger vessel companies preferred
  • Advanced verbal and written level of English is required
  • Intermediate to Advanced knowledge and experience using Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)
  • Sound overall financial management and administrative skills
  • Strong communication skills, both in writing and speaking, with the distinct ability to function effectively before a wide variety of groups and forums.
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