Assistant Housekeeper – Temporary Assignment

Title Assistant Housekeeper – Temporary Assignment
Category Housekeeping, Onboard
Job Information

The Assistant Housekeeper’s primary responsibility is to support the Executive Housekeeper in all duties of the Housekeeping operation and cleanliness levels in all areas of the ship. The Assistant Housekeeper must be detail oriented, have strong leadership skills and the ability to effectively deal with department heads, Residents, Guests and Crew Members.

Essential Functions – Overview

  • Exceed Resident and Guest expectations of Housekeeping service and overall cleanliness of the ship.
  • Ensure the Housekeeping management is consistently communicating and interacting with Residents and Guests.
  • Ensure that cleaning schedules are in place and being followed for all Housekeeping areas.
  • Complete daily walk-through of the Residences, cabins, all crew and public areas, lockers, pantries, Tailor Shop and the Linen room facilities with the Executive Housekeeper Ensure that all balcony furniture all the way forward are secured prior to sail, the lights are off and all curtains are closed
  • Conduct weekly Public Health inspections of all areas with the Housekeeping management team.
  • Check downloads daily for expected and unexpected arrivals and debarks, gift orders, special request etc and ensure all preferences are acknowledged and prepared for and all special requests are accommodated.
  • Checks all arrival rooms to ensure they are up to standards.
  • Receive calls for Housekeeping and follow up on Residents and Guests requests and reports matters to Executive Housekeeper daily.
  • Lead by example utilizing a “hands-on” approach to management.
  • Regularly meet with the team to discuss objectives, observations, progress, results achieved and upcoming ports and events.
  • Ensure continuous operational training is provided to the team on a weekly basis
  • Ensure that all personnel are working together as a team and supporting each other in a professional manner.





  • Minimum of 2 years experience as an Assistant Executive Housekeeper/Assistant Housekeeper on a large ultra luxury Cruise Ship, Private Club, Boutique Hotel, ultra luxury Hotel or Resort.
  • Solid progression through ranks
  • BA/BS 3-4 year degree or foreign equivalency and/or 2 years experience as an Assistant Executive Housekeeper/Assistant Housekeeper
  • Ability to read, write and speak fluently in English and does so at all times while on duty.
  • One additional language (German, French, Italian, Spanish or Japanese) preferred.
  • Must be able to manage, organize, direct and supervise the overall cleanliness and maintenance of Residences, cabins, Crew and Residential Public areas
  • Must provide efficient leadership for a team comprised of 1 Crew and Public Area Supervisor, 1 Head Housekeeping Night Utility, 1 Tailor, 1 Laundry Master, 1 Linenkeeper and 1 Florist.
  • Must be able to efficiently manage a team comprised of more than 50 Housekeeping personnel.




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