2nd Commis

Title 2nd Commis
Category Galley, Onboard
Job Information

The 2nd Commis is responsible for delivering products of the highest quality in terms of freshness, taste and consistency. 2nd Commis are responsible for batch, a la minute, and line cooking techniques. He/she is responsible for following all standardized recipes and notifying the Chef de Cuisine or Sous Chef of any shortages or discrepancies in products or ingredients.


• Minimum of 1 year culinary experience on an ultra luxury Cruise Ship, Private Club, Boutique Hotel, ultra luxury Hotel or Resort

• Knowledge of all basic cooking techniques and skills including:

• Knife skills, basic cuts, all cooking methods

• Knowledge of basic equipment including steamer, fryer, kettles, robocoup

• Basic understanding of herbs, spices, and various flavoring ingredients

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