1st Officer Jr.

Title 1st Officer Jr.
Category Deck and Engine, Onboard
Job Information

The 1st Officer Jr. will act as a watch-keeping officer and will work together with the 1st Officer Navigation, keeping the bridge publications, charts, equipment, etc. up to standard at all times.    It is the responsibility of this position to perform duties according to the Superior Officer’s instruction; work should be carried out in a safe and professional manner, in order to keep the ship’s equipment at the highest level of safe operating condition which will include but not limited to participating in Tender, Zodiac and Marina operations which will include driving, lowering and securing operations or any other duty as directed by Chief Officer

Essential Functions – Overview

  • Be responsible to maintain all GMDSS equipment and GMDSS Log Book, with the assistance of the Chief Electronic Engineer
  • Maintain and order the electronic charts for the Tenders, Ribs and Rescue Boat
  • Be familiar with the AMOS maintenance system
  • Shall aid the Chief Officer with crew safety training when so required
  • Must familiarize him/herself with all aspects of the Tender operations and be ready to overlook and supervise this operations at any time required
  • Assist SSO to inspect all Fire Screen doors, Fire Extinguishers and Fire Posts and other AMOS related routine work
  • Conduct monthly Tender Driving Training for all Ordinary Seaman (OS)
  • Assist with the monthly zodiac training


  • Qualifications and licenses shall conform with all International and National conventions/ regulations
  • As a minimum: Unlimited Watch Keeping Officer license
  • Documented experience from passenger vessels before receiving employment
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
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