1st Commis

Title 1st Commis
Category Onboard
Job Information

The 1st Commis reports directly to the Chef de Cuisine/Sous Chef and ensures constant communication between his/her assigned galley and the Chef de Cuisine/Sous Chef. He/she is directly responsible for all culinary aspects in the kitchen including inventories, set-up/breakdown, preparation, sanitation and that the SOP’s and recipes are followed consistently.


  • Minimum of 1 year culinary experience on an ultra luxury Cruise Ship, Private Club, Boutique Hotel, ultra luxury Hotel or Resort
  • 1+ year of experience of hot production
  • 2+ years of culinary experience (may be combined with formal culinary training
  • Culinary School 2-4 year degree or foreign equivalency
  • Strong Knowledge of all basic cooking techniques and skills including:
    • Knife skills, basic cuts, all cooking methods
    • Knowledge of cold food production, handling and preparation
    • Knowledge of basic equipment including steamer, fryer, kettles, robocoup
    • Basic understanding of herbs, spices, and various flavoring ingredients


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